Migration Policy Briefs

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No.30: Zimbabwe’s Exodus to Australia, 2015

No.29: Zimbabwe’s Return Migrants – Before & After Challenges, 2014

No.27: Migration and Development in Contemporary Mauritius, 2012

No.26: Social Media, The Internet and Diasporas for Development, 2011

No.25: Complex Movements, Confused Responses: Labour Migration in South Africa, 2011

No.24: South Africa’s Two Diasporas: Engagement and Disengagement, 2011

No.23: Labour Migration trends and policies in Southern Africa, 2010

No.22: South African Government and Civil Society Responses to Zimbabwean Migration, 2008

No.21: The UN Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers: The Ratification Non-Debate, 2006

No.20: Migration of Skills in South Africa: Patterns, Trends and Challenges, 2006

No.19: Irregular Migration to South Africa During the First 10 Years of Democracy, 2006

No.18: The Draft Protocol on the Facilitation of Movement of Persons in SADC: Implications for State Parties, 2006

No.17: International Migration and Good Governance in the Southern African Region, 2006

No.16: South African Immigration Law: A Gender Analysis, 2006

No.15: Migration, Urbanisation and Sustainable Livelihoods in South Africa, 2005

No.14: Policing Migration: Immigrant Enforcement and Human Rights in South Africa.

No.13: The Rise of African Tourism to South Africa.

No.12: NEPAD, the City and the Migration: Implications for Urban Governance, 2004

No.11: Regionalizing International Migration: Lessons for SADC.

No.10: Criminal Tendencies: Immigrants and Illegality in South Africa.

No.9: Transnationalism and African Immigration to South Africa.

No.8: Thinking About the Brain Drain in Southern Africa.

No.7: Evaluating Refugee Protection in South Africa, 2002

No.6: The Point of No Return: Evaluating the Amnesty for Mozambican Refugees in South Africa, 2001

No.5: Counting Brains: Measuring Emigration from South Africa, 2001

No.4: Gender Concerns in South African Migration Policy, 2001

No.3: Making Up the Numbers: Measuring “Illegal Immigration” to South Africa, 2001

No.2: The New South African Immigration Bill: A Legal Analysis, 2001

No.1: The South African White Paper on International Migration: An Analysis and Critique, 2001